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Bio, business & my mission in life

Yachting with my father and growing up as 5th generation in the Byron Shire, I've always loved the ocean and grew up only knowing the comforts of my own backyard. 
When I was 19 years old, I signed up and completed my Diploma in Tourism Operations Management and from having zero travel experience, it's safe to say that I've never looked back. 
Travel is beyond a passion, it's a lifestyle. Funnily enough, think many of my friends would agree that my home is a true representation of those holiday vibes - because let's face it, if it's not vibing with me and doesn't complete the look, it's not staying. I'm talking candles, doona covers and palm trees!
Before I started working for myself, I have always been in family run travel agencies. Where I learnt the ropes on how to maintain the business on a personable level and how strong the point of difference was in comparison to larger companies & organisations. 
As a solo mumma, given the flexibility I have working from home in my own business, allows me to be present in those special moments for my young son. 
This has only been possible because of the absolutely amazing and supportive group of people I have on my client books who have stuck with me over the years. You have been my rock through the hard times and together we've enjoyed basking in the bliss of the good times.  

If you're looking for a travel agent to look after your future travel arrangements, one who's mobile and flexible to work around you, let me know. I can happily catch up via Zoom or meet out for a coffee/juice anywhere on the Tweed Coast (by appointment only).  

Hi, I'm Stephanie – but you can call me Steph!

A coastal girl with salty hair and sun-kissed skin. I enjoy a belly laugh, a good joke and believe that you can do anything you set you mind and heart too. 

Oh, and I'm one of those weird travel agents who doesn't drink wine or coffee!

Great news, adventure seeker 

I'm here to guide you to a place where you can feel safe to explore travel options that align with your purpose.  

Coming home from a holiday is all about basking in the bliss as you settle back into daily life, feeling different within yourself and with a brand new perspective on the world. 

But sometimes, it doesn't feel so fulfilling. I mean,  have you ever come home from a trip feeling like meh? "I guess it was a fun trip" but didn't quite feel like that experience was meant for you? 
Traveling with people who absolutely loved it, can't shut up about it and can't book to go back quick enough but you struggle to see the appeal?

I can safely say that I have been there. I've also witnessed numerous clients return not so ecstatic to share  their experience with me. I can see how it takes a toll on people, women especially as I feel we are always so invested, in more ways than one. 

This happens more often when we've raced ahead and booked exactly the same trip as what our next-door neighbours have just done, sounds great, but is it really for you?
Or blindly booking a random 'rip your arm off' deal online, realising it's exactly the opposite to the experience you were hoping for and realised it actually cost you triple than what you paid for it prior to travelling.
What you don't realise is that those super crazy specials you see online, are in fact something we call 'distressed inventory', meaning - trips they can't sell for the life of them, have minimal numbers booked or aren't appealing to the public. 

The hard thing is, that even though I'm a full service travel agent, some portions of my clients arrangements can occasionally be booked through 3rd party suppliers, online or privately. Which is a personal choice, although I do admit, my magic is something I can't cast over bookings made elsewhere. 
So it's always best practice to keep all your plans with a travel agent to ensure we have 2 hands on the job and we're here with you every step of your journey.  

My mission is to assist the return of travel in it's new direction, by really trimming the 'fat' and getting back to your core values.  Allowing the space to discover those hidden gems, discovering new key experiences that you never knew existed and not leaving a stone unturned.

 Because, our travels are like shoes, one size does not fit all. Nor would we want them too! Giving you the freedom to happily add & tick off your bucket list so you can really enjoy the benefits of having a trip custom-created especially for you. 

After all, travel is a return on your investment, like nothing else in this world. 

After all, what's life without fun? Weather it's jetting off to the back streets of Rome, or boarding a cruise in Miami, stay-cays here in our backyard or a short getaway to the Pacific, we all travel differently and our trips are a reflection of our values and ultimate goals in life. 

As bucket lists evolve, tastes change and visions differ, our true selves always stay the same. Being able to encapsulate that and plan your travels accordingly is going to set you up for some blissful post-journey fulfillment, a life full of cherished memories and special moments we can reminisce together for years to come.  

Travelling true to yourself & uncovering what fun looks like for you

Discovering your purpose, desires and fulfilling your ultimate travel goals

Seeing challenges as opportunity & leaving no stone unturned 

Everyone has their own unique travel style

Freedom to work from anywhere I like

Here is why I do what I do & why I love it:

My passion (and biz) is fueled by inspiring people, just like you .

It's not just creating dreams into a reality that excites me.

my business values

Attracting clients who become amazing friends

Offering full service travel to my 1:1 clients

My son, the coolest kid ever

Who has my heart, forever


Family and friends

What makes me smile 


my favourite things

I love a good cruise getaway

Go-to travel destination


The good ol' Aussie Pav!

Dessert of choice (always!)


Finding the perfect spot to relax

Weekend plans



Favourite cocktail



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