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Some would say the travel perks would make being a travel agent the best job in the world. I do agree however I tend to find the most satisfaction is when I get in touch with my clients after their trip .
Being apart of your planning process is always such an honour and I do love getting that post-travel download, basking in the glorious rays with you and sharing the highlights.
That's when you know you've been a good travel agent that day!

What is the best part of being a travel agent?

My process is fairly straight forward in regards to booking product, however where I like to spend more time is going through your particulars, getting to know how you tick, what your non-negotiables are and anything else that's relative to creating your holiday and making it a huge success. 

What is the process if I want to work with you?

I travel with my son nowadays so it's really important to me that there is a space for him to run around, play and be a kid. So, kids clubs are a 'must' so he can keep developing those friendships, creating those memories and keeping social with others his age.
So cruising is s great option for us! The salty sea air, so many restaurants and places to relax. I never get bored on a cruise - plenty of cocktails to try, stunning places to see and beautiful people to meet!

What is your favourite type of holiday?

To satisfy my tropical addiction, the Isle of Pines in New Caledonia is such a stunning place!
But my hands-down fav destination would be Japan.
Efficiency, culture, service and way of life is so different to Australia and I just love the food!
Also, I'd love to go to Egypt as have always dreamt of going since I was a kid. That's one place out of sooooo many I can list! Perhaps this can be a podcast episode topic? 

What has been your most favourite destination that you could go to time and time again? And any countries you'd love to visit?

Well, I actually did fall into travel. I signed up to do a TAFE tourism diploma and thought it was something completely different to what I had actually signed up for.
Started really enjoying the course, the endless possibilities it can give you and so many different pathways within the tourism industry to choose from. 
So fall I did indeed! And I have not looked back since.

How did you fall into travel as a career?

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