Understanding ourselves first so we can have a better perception of all the unbelievable experiences we can have around the world.
It all starts with you. 

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Group travel with like-minded people

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There is so much to learn from ourselves about the way we envision our travels to play out. 

It's time to say hello to:

Taking travel in a new direction by traveling in a way that aligns with who you are...

It's time to rediscover yourself and take your exploration to a whole other level.


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'Way back when, I enrolled into a TAFE NSW Travel Diploma, trying to get into the Events Management industry.' 

Hey, I'm Steph. 

Fast forward to today... it was by far the best mistake 18-year-old me could have make! 

Hi, I'm Steph. Travel expert, mother and travel industry mentor who specialises in all the things that help you stand out as the incredible travel business you are.

My special sauce? Well... wouldn't you like to know!

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