This podcast is dedicated to helping women, learn and discover their very own unique travel personality with a special focus on travelling as an introvert. We cover it all!

Unplug In Paradise: The Podcast

This podcast is dedicated to helping women, learn and discover their very own unique travel personality with a special focus on travelling as an introvert. It’s a show that brings you tips, motivation, mindset, practical travel advice as well as interviews with inspiring women & travel companies who concentrate on trips with individual and unique travel styles.
With the help of my trusted network of industry contacts & years of travel agent expertise, you will walk away feeling confident that your next holiday is one that's custom-made exactly for you.

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How To Gain Perspective & Cultivate Authenticity.


Making Travel a Force For Good In Everything...


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- abbie anderson

Steph's voice was made for podcasting!
She's clear, light and a pleasure to listen too.
Her energy is super fun and when it comes to travel, she knows absolutely all the tips and tricks and sums them up perfectly. 

"Hump day just got a whole lot better with Unplug In Paradise!"

- dan coleman

Really heart-warming to hear your passion and direction with this.
Sounds like you finally beleive in your voice!

"Looking forward to this Stephanie"

- shellie bennett

I don't think I've ever heard of a travel agent with their own podcast before.. but I'm loving that my travel agent has one!
I always tune in when cleaning the house, it's such an awesome listen.

"Learning just got a lot more fun! Such an incredible podcast, I'm hooked. "

- Cherry Johnston

From knowing Steph at the beginning on her journey in travel college, to now being able to listen to her amazing podcasts from all the way over in the UK. It's a great insight into how the travel industry is moving forward!

"An amazing and inspirational travel agent"

What listeners are saying

tell me more, steph!

As a travel agent and solo mother, I can say that my travel style has changed drastically in the last few years. 
And that's ok, having a particular travel trait or style does not categorise you by any means. Instead, it's to be celebrated because it is purely a representation of you, your values, your purpose and goal vibes all mixed into one.
A true reflection of your desires and how you want to experience the world.

Hi, I'm Steph.

Welcome to Unplug In Paradise!
A podcast dedicated to women exploring their unique travel personality. 

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