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Make 2021 your year to shine bright

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inspired by my clients, years of travel planning and lover of new experiences

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The internet is great, but how do you know if that photo you googled is in the exact place it says in the title. Don't let online websites tell you where your next holiday should be, learn and discover for yourself, find the place that calls your name.

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In my 2021 travel calendar, each month zones in on an important topic - from planning & checklists to budgeting & finances, from eating like a local to packing like a pro. Eliminating the overwhelm in 2021! Yes thanks! 

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Coming out of the year we've just had, if it has taught us anything, it's to plan for the unexpected. Which is why you need me, by your side to guide you through the sales process and book travel products that align with your why.

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It's been a really difficult year! Let's face it, between the terrible Aussie bushfires, drought, floods & COVID-19, it's been terribly hard on Australian families here and with family members overseas. 
As we move toward 2021 with restrictions easing, I cannot be more exciting to be planning those extra special travel getaways for you.
No better way to start fresh, than with a custom-created, women's only travel calendar filled with all the tips, industry know-how and travel advice to help get you planning your travels in 2021! Best part is, I'll be with you all the way!

Let me guess, whenever you start travel planning, you struggle with these painpoints...

Have your dreams been put on hold  due to 2020?

I know we've had a rough year, let's turn that around shall we...

I've got you!
Say goodbye to the booking overwhelm & work with a travel pro! Ensuring your holidays success, everytime!

But here's the thing. You're not alone. I've been exactly where you are and...

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You see there's a way forward. Having a plan in place not only brings the holiday vision to fruition, it also makes it feel real, alive and breathes life into everything you do as you edge closer to the dates marked out in your travel calendar. 

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Everything from combating challenges, body & wellness and photography tips to staying socially safe while learning about cultural traditions from around the world.
Oh, and how to find the best foodie spots!

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Here is where you can dive deeper into the specific top of the course. Something cool students will learn and key takeaways from the course. 

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Inside this ecourse you'll learn all the awesome Instagram tricks including:

Together we'll custom-create your travel plans especially for you!
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Mantras, goals, advice, tips and mindset! We've got it all in one place - coming soon to your wall!

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